Friday Sum up!

Hello my beautilicious friends,

We finally made it!!!! It’s Friday! I felt like this week just flew by for me.. It’s like just yesterday I was thinking.. Oh God.. it’s only Monday. Well, aren’t we glad it’s Friday.

So, a few highlights from my week…

I am watching a few TV shows simultaneously.. haha. I am watching Divorce on HBO and Arrested Development on Netflix. AD is so so funny! You should try it out if you haven’t!

Workout wise, this week was grr888. I’ve worked out 4 days in a row with some tennis here and there and it’s only Friday (which is my break… but I am going for a Yoga class this afternoon)

My meals for the week were prepped in advance, which is such a time saver and makes sure I carry home-made lunch everyday to work.

Dinners have been sooo amazing this past week. I made a delicious spicy shrimp and quinoa fried rice, some awesome salads and soups.. ooh.. my mouth is watering!

Fridays are usually movie nights for me. I have heard a lot of buzz about the movie “Shape of Water” and it won a few Oscars too, so probably gonna watch that tonight!

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Blog wise, I’ve shared 4 blogs this week..(including this one) which I think is awesome. If you missed my blogs, please check them out…Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! I also posted a video on my YouTube Channel.. would love it if you guys showed me some  love there and subscribed!! I have a bunch of ideas and thoughts I want to share through my please follow my blog if you like.

Plans for the weekend..well I have shot a couple of videos for my YouTube channel and I plan to edit them. I have to take some pictures for the blog in good day light.. coz during the weekdays.. by the time I get home it’s already dark outside 🌙.And then of course, prepping meals for the week. So you see, I’ve got a quite busy weekend 😊. But, I am sure I wont mind it.. because it’s doing all the things I love❤️!

What are your plans for the weekend?? Let me know.. I would love to read them!

Until Next time,

Stay Gorgeous & Keep Inspiring!!!


15 thoughts on “Friday Sum up!

  1. Your life sounds so organised with all that meal prepping! I’m super jelous you have the time to do that! How do you keep motivated to workout? I find it so hard haha! My plans for the weekend are busy filled with afternoon teas and seeing family busy busy!

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    1. OmG.. no.. my life is far from being organised! more so because I am a lazy bum! 😛 haha
      I just don’t like how my clothes fit at times.. and how I look in pictures.. that’s what really motivates me to workout! 🙂 But I totally get how hard that can be! Wow.. so jealous that you get to see family! I live miles and miles away from them 😦 Have a great weekend! ❤

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  2. Sounds like you had a great week! My weekend will be filled with me putting in work on the things I love as well but also doing some much needed resting and self care. I’m HOPING to go on a date with my boyfriend on a Sunday! Depends on his work schedule! I hope you have a great weekend! Also… I LOVE tennis! I haven’t played in forever but I used to play all the time and I haven’t heard anyone else say they play!

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    1. Aww. that’s so sweet! I hope you have a great date! and’s so important to pay attention to your self.. we always forget that during our busy weeks.. hope you get much needed rest!! Watch a few romantic comedies.. always helps me relax! ❤

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  3. Looks like you have had a busy busy week and an awesome Friday…I have never watched 2 shows at one time..this is something I will try to do but not sure successfully. Either way can’t wait to see what you are up to next week!

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    1. Haha.. yea this is the first time I’m watching 2 shows.. but divorce only comes one a week.. so I watch the other one till a new episode comes out! Thanks for reading❤️ have a great weekend!


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