Play! by Sephora Feb 2018

Hello beauties,

February is almost over and my Sephora Play! box is finally here.

What is Play! by Sephora?

Play! is a monthly subscription box service by Sephora. You get 5-6 beauty products each month that cater to your personal needs. So, what you do is, you sign up on their website and enter your info like you skin type, skin tone, skin issues, hair color, eye color etc. and then every month a personalized box is mailed to you. The box is $10 per month which I think is a pretty good deal for sample sized products.

My Play! Box of the month


So I got my box in the 3rd week of February and it had 6 products for me. This month’s box was all about celebrating love, since, you know February… Valentine’s day.. well you get the picture. This box was full of messages to share the love, spread love, appreciate loved ones etc. You also get a Play! card in the box which you can basically take at any Sephora store near by, make a purchase and add 50 bonus points to your Beauty Insider account. So you are basically paying more money to get those 50 points added to your account… like why couldn’t they just add 50 points when they ship the box?? Another marketing tactic I suppose! Well, moving on!

The first thing you see when you open the box, is a large sheet. One side of the sheet is full of sticker type things with messages that you can basically cut out and use in your diary or journal.. if you’re into that.. I frankly am not. And the other side shows you all the products in box this month. It explains what the product is, why it is perfect for you and how to use it.

Then you dig further in and you see a small makeup bag. And again, it screams the theme of LOVE. Personally, I love these small baggies. They are perfect to take with you while travelling. They hold a good amount of makeup and because it’s tied with that ribbon thingy on the top, no product escapes. And even if it get dirty due to some spillage.. you can just wash it because it’s basically cloth. Win! Win!


My Products of the Month!

  1. Smashbox Eyeshadow Duo in Golden Hour


I’ve tried Smashbox eyeshadows before and they’ve always been of excellent quality. Their fallout is minimum and pigmentation is Bomb. But, with this duo, I somewhere felt, it was lacking that WOW factor. The shades in the duo are Turned On (lighter shade) and Psyched (darker shade). Here’s the problem with this duo. Both these shades have a satin finish and both are sort of glittery. And I don’t like to pack on 2 glittery/satin shades on my eyes, I need a matte to compliment the satin shade. Having said that, I think if these shades are worn individually, they would definitely look great. Problem number 2: Turned on takes a lot of layers to build the shade that you see in the pan. They both look great in the pan and even in the swatch, but the brush doesn’t pick a lot of it up and Turned On has a good amount of fall out compared to Psyched. Psyched makes a great outer corner shade and has way better pigmentation as compared to its partner. Overall, I think this duo was a 50-50 hit-miss for me!

2. Sephora Collection Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rebel Chic


This was my first time trying a Sephora makeup product and I was a little impressed with the quality of this lipstick I would say. I loved that the lipstick was a wearable red shade for me, but where this lacked was the overall feel of the lipstick. I felt this lipstick was a bit patchy and dry and sort of tugged onto my lips while applying it. Even after applying the lipstick, it felt really dry on my lips. I guess a little bit of lip balm before applying this lipstick should do the trick because I really love the shade of this puppy.

3. Makeup Forever Lipstick in M500

I was absolutely wowed by this lipstick. At the first touch itself, it felt so smooth and creamy and even. It just glided on my lips and even when I rubbed my lips together it felt so rich and smooth and not a bit of tug on the lips. I absolutely enjoyed the smooth texture of this lipstick and I think this just might be my favorite lipstick formula. The color itself is also great, it’s this deep wine shade that gives you a vampy sultry sort of look, perfect for Fall and Winter.

4. First Aid Beauty Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask


I have tried First Aid beauty products it the past and all that I’ve tried were really good. So obviously, the bar was high for this one. So when I read, Ginger and Turmeric, I was expecting this mask to give me some tingly effect on the skin. Well, to my disappointment, none of that happened. While applying this mask itself, I got a really cooling feeling on my skin, and I die for that! So like it said on the packaging, I applied it all over my skin and waited for 10 mins for it to dry and washed it off with cold water and patted my skin dry. TBH, I felt nothing great about my skin. I wasn’t even sure what to expect. I guess, since it has Vitamin C it should have a brightening effect, but I saw none of the too!Β  So definitely, felt like a dud to me!

5. Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb


So like I mentioned, I die for products that are not only hydrating but also cooling and put that in an eye cream and we’re going to be best friends!!! And that’s exactly what happened. This eye cream is really the Bomb! It was so rich and creamy and definitely gave me that cooling feeling under my eyes. It felt so great and smooth and more importantly, my under eyes felt really hydrated.. what more could I ask for!?

6. Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb


And finally, we have a fragrance. I have tried this one before as a sample in one of my Sephora purchases and I’ve enjoyed this scent. It’s got this luxurious fruity smell that isn’t too over powering. A spritz of this perfume and you’re good for hours. The smell really lingers and is really great if you’re into fruity fresh smells.

What could be better??

So first off, I was expecting I would receive deluxe sized products in this box, but these are really sample sized products, the same size that you get with your online purchase. Also, I would’ve appreciated a different product like an eyeliner or mascara or something else instead of 2 lipsticks that are almost the same shade. So, I hope next time, even if it has to be 2 lipsticks they’ll at least be shades that are of a different shade family. And lastly, this is a monthly subscription box right, so why can’t this be mailed in the first week of the month itself? I’ve tried a few monthly boxes and have always received them within the first 10 days of the month, receiving it almost at the end of the month kinda defeats the purpose, because by the time you try products out and review them, the month is almost over.

Is Play! by Sephora worth it?

If you’re someone like me who likes to be surprised by subscription boxes, sure why not? I like to try out a bunch of samples of products before actually buying them full size, because more often than not, they can be really expensive and sure, you can go and return used makeup at Sephora stores if they don’t work for you, but, I would rather let that product sit forever in my drawer than go and return it in the store (LAZY!!). So yea, if you’re like me… I would definitely say these boxes are worth it. Unless of course, like some of my other subscription boxes, after a few months, Sephora starts to repeat products I’ve already received, then we’ll have to part ways… but till then, I would like to keep trying them out!! πŸ™‚

IMG_7943 2.JPG
A look I did with products in this box!

Until Next time,

Stay Gorgeous & Keep Inspiring!

Daily Dose of Happiness…

  1. This weekend was really productive I feel. Prepped for blogs I want to post for the week, already shot about 3 videos to post on my Instagram and Youtube channel!! Feeling great!
  2. Meals are prepped for the week.. atleast breakfast and lunch are.. recipes coming in Tuesday so be sure to tune in for that!! πŸ™‚
  3. I finally finished watching the Harry Potter movies series and it is soooo good!! Never knew why people loved it so much… now I do!!



10 thoughts on “Play! by Sephora Feb 2018

  1. The makeup pouch looks cute 😊 Wow, breakfast and lunch for the week already done, you do some serious planning. Harry potter movies and books are the best 😍 I am a big potter fan 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I genuinely LOVE the box design, I think it’s gorgeous. So it’s quite upsetting that I live in the UK and the shipping fees are ridiculous otherwise I’d get a box. The final look with he products in the box is lovely! Also, o adore the smashbox eyeshadow palette and have always been a huge fan of flowerbomb, smells divine! You should try out bon bon by Viktor and Rolf as well.
    Luce xo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t gave this box, but I love reading blog posts about it and watching YouTube videos on it. Belief is a great band and I actually use an eye cream by them and I really like it. FAB is also a great brand that I enjoy products from.

    Great post! x


    Liked by 1 person

  4. This looks like an amazing subscription box! I love getting my Birchbox every month but this is amazing! Unfortunately I live in the UK so I don’t think I can get this but man! Just this box alone has some incredible products from great brands!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

    Liked by 1 person

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