Egg Mellow Cream #WorthItWednesday

Hello my beautilicious friends,

How are you all doing? Well, first off congrats.. we’re almost done with half the week.. only 2 more days to go! Wohoo!!

For today’s #WorthItWednesday I am reviewing a rather less talked about product. I received this as a free sample from Sephora. I always try to get samples of high-end products from Sephora whenever I get a chance. (if you don’t know how to score free makeup from Sephora, check out my next blog).

So, as usual I was just “window shopping” on Sephora and one thing led to another, and I ended up buying stuff off of guys know how this stuff goesπŸ˜‰. That’s when this never heard of moisturizer came into my life.

The Brand: Too Cool For School

The Product: ALL-IN-ONE Egg Mellow Cream (bargain sale)



The sample I got was a 15ml (0.5 fl. oz.) tube, great for travelling. Good enough for a sample size product and gave me ample amounts to test it out. Now, for sure, reading “EGG” in a moisturizer did give me the weird heebeegeebees but being the sport that I am, I decided to give it a try.


So, when you squeeze the tube, out come a pale yellowish cream. When it comes to applying moisturizer, I like to do it how my mom taught me, Dot the cream on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and then blend. What I didn’t realize is, that this was no regular moisturizing cream, this really had a component of EGG. So it was a little ‘stringy’ but smooth and creamy and blended very well into my skin. And the smell was not EGGY at all. It had a very luxuroious smell to it and felt great on the skin.


No foundation, just the moisturizer on my face.

My skin is combination type, but since its winter where I live, it tends to be more on the drier side. The claims on this moisturizer are that it should leave the skin firm and bright. This cream has anti-wrinkle properties. I apply this cream every morning before doing my regular makeup and it has left my skin’s thirst for moisture quenched. My skin doesn’t feel dried out or stretchy because of the cold anytime during the day. My skin does feel supple, but I am not sure about the brightening or the anti-wrinkle properties. It acts as a regular moisturizer and doesn’t give my skin any hint of radiance. Guess I would have to really be “AGEING” to know the anti-wrinkle part! Oh, well! On days when it’s humid outside, this does tend to wear off of my face and my skin is back to feeling un-moisturized..if that’s even a word.


Now, I am glad that I got to try this product out before actually buying it because the price tag on this baby is $36. Even though, it did leave my skin smooth and feeling great, I don’t think I would’ve gone out and bought this product on my own. I have raved about Neutrogena Hydroboost Watergel (NHBW) (bargain offer) on my YouTube channel for so long and I still stand by it and it only costs $19.99. Now don’t get me wrong, the price tag is not the deciding factor here, I am all for shelling out my $$$ on good quality high-end skin care, but if I can get the same results and an added cooling effect (which is much-needed for a late sleeper like me) from NHBW, why wouldn’t I go for it!!

So the final verdict, the ALL-IN-ONE EGG MELLOW CREAM is NOT WORTH IT in my opinion.

Let me know if you guys have tried this cream and what you think about it.

Daily Dose of Happiness…

  1. These days I am quite into trying out different recipes and today I made tzaziki sauce that I am going to have with some Pita bread and chicken fry…ooohh..can’t wait to finish this blog and jump in!!Β πŸ˜‹
  2. I did some amazing Yoga at home today. It was a stretch and release type of Yoga and felt soooo good. Check it out here.

Until next time,

Stay gorgeous & Keep Inspiring! xoxo



3 thoughts on “Egg Mellow Cream #WorthItWednesday

  1. Oh gosh, there’s no such thing as window shopping on Sephora! I have to close the page before I blow my bank balance haha. I find that with me having drier skin, sometimes more expensive brands is the only way for me to go which is why I have to grin and bare hefty price tags sometimes 😦 I can’t say I’d be very drawn to trying something that had egg in it, but it does seem like an interesting concept as part of a moisturiser. Great post! πŸ™‚


  2. I don’t think I can apply a cream having eggs on my face. Eating eggs is another thing. I have never made tzaziki sauce, I have to look it up now. I have made pita bread and hummus though. πŸ™‚

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