Priyanka Chopra Inspired Valentine’s Look!❤️

Hello my Love Bugs,

Hope you’re all doing lovely! So Valentine’s day is just around the corner and I personally am not someone who waits with sparkly eyes for this day.. but I can sure use this day as an excuse to get you a gorgeous glam make-up look.

Check out this fun video to see how I got this look!


Remember, a clean, moisturized base will always make sure your makeup looks flawless! So, I am going to cleanse my face using Sephora’s Micellar Cleansing Water & Milk on a cotton pad. This will just make sure I have no residue or buildup from any previous makeup and just clean my face in general. This product had coconut milk in it and it smells so amazing.. and is hydrating at the same time. Next for moisurizer, I am using a new product, this is the Egg Mellow Cream and trust me, I have been putting off using this product for so long because it says “egg”. But I finally built up the courage to try it out and OMG!! this is so moisturizing and makes my skin so soft and smooth, I am addicted! I am also going to prep my lips because I am planning to apply a liquid lipstick today.. and we all know how drying that can be. So I am using my Maybelline Baby Lips 🙂 And finally I am going to add another layer of hydration with some MAC PREP + PRIME. This just refrfeshes my skin.. and makes me feel fresh and awake!


For this look, I wanted a fresh, glowy, natural looking skin so I mixed in some Farsáli Unicorn essence with my Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation (65 Warm). So what I like to do is, first put some drops of unicorn essense and then dot my foundation over it, then to blend it all together, I am going to use my damp Beauty Blender. This is the best way and my Go to when I want to get a natural and smooth air-brushed look. Next for some added coverage, I am using my Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Medium) and applying it to all the areas I like to HighLight and Conceal. So, taking it right under my eyes, sort of in a triangular shape, on the bridge of my nose, center of my forehead and on my chin, to highlight the centers of my face and under my cheekbones, to define my jaws and kinda reverse contour. And again, I use my trusty Beauty Blender to melt everything evenly and beautifully in my skin.


The star of this look today is my brand new Hashtag – PRO Eyeshadow PaletteWhen I was looking for inspirations to do this look, I went to my favorite place, the explore section of Instagram. So before we move further, why dont you follow my Instagram? So, I came across a gorgeous Pink and Purple make-up look.. and guess who it was? Priyanka Chopra!!! And, then a casual “window shopping” on Sephora, led to me buying this gorgeous Violet Voss Palette. Just look how STUNNING it is!


This look is real simple and easy, and will get you ready for that Romantic Dinner Date in no time!! Just follow the following steps…

  1. Blend GOALS in the crease as the transition shade
  2. Apply TBT all over your eye lids. Even take it inside in your inner corner, trust me it looks fabulous.
  3. RELEVANT goes into your inner 3rd portion of the lid. Now, I din’t get a good punch I was expecting from this shade, so I just sprayed some Fix+ and everything was fine in makeup world 😉
  4. Next, apply LIFE on the outer 3rd of your eye and even drag it a little outside to create a romantic wing.
  5. Finallyy, PRETTY AF goes on top of LIFE and OMG that gorgeous effect that these matte and satin eyeshadows create with each other is TO DIE FOR!
  6. For your lower lashes, blend LIFE and TBT and call it a day.

Apply some Black liquid Liner, I used my NYX liquid liner, top of your lashes with some L’oréal Lash Paradise mascara and you’re done. If you want, you can even use some falsies to further glam up this look, but I just wasn’t feeling it. And beside, I take ages to apply falsies, so I skip whenever I can 😛

For my lips, I used a gorgeous shade OMG from Bare Minerals, I went for a liquid lipstick because they tend to stay on my lips longer than regular lipsticks, and I don’t want to interrupt my Dinner Date to touch my Lipstick!! I topped off my Liquid Lipstick with RELEVANT and PRETTY AF eyeshadows to get a more purply and shimmery look, but this step is optional and you can skip it.

And…. There you have it. A Pink & Purply Glam Valentine’s Make up look!! This look screams Valentine’s and looks soooo pretty!!

So, do try out this look for Valentine’s and even if you don’t have any Romantic plans, do what you love. Coz Valentine’s isn’t about just celebrating LOVE with someone else… it is to celebrate every kind of LOVE, even the one you have for yourself!

Until next time,

Stay gorgeous & Keep Inspiring! xoxo

Daily Dose of Happiness…

  1. Today dinner was sooo amazing! Made some Chicken with mushroom gravy. My mouth is literally salivating right now. Comment below if you want a recipe.
  2. I had a weird heat boil on my water line.. and it hurts 😦 I hope it heals soon.



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