My Lasik Surgery Experience… Part 2

Hope you’ve read read Part 1….

Ok… so enough rambling about what led me to make the decision of getting this surgery…Now time for the real deal!

Please understand that I am no expert on Lasik, nor am I a doctor. These are my personal experiences and things that I have read or learnt from my doctors and other people who went through this surgery. Before you decide on this surgery, please do as much research as you can and talk to your doctor for the best results from the surgery.

So what exactly is a Lasik Eye Surgery?? Well, it’s a surgical process that help you get rid of the error in your eye because of which you need to wear glasses or contacts.. Simple!

What was my number/eye error?

So before we get into that, let me tell you the types of errors:

  1. Myopia : Short sightedness
  2. Hyperopia : Far sightedness
  3. Astigmatism : blurred vision

Read more here.

I suffered from the later 2. So I couldn’t see things that were at a distance and I also had very blurry vision. My eye error was -3.75 x 175 in the right eye and -3.25 x 180 in the left eye.

Where did I get Lasik from? 

Well I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to get this Surgery done in India, because like I said, in US insurance and hospital costs are insane… and also I needed to rest properly after the surgery and I live on my own here, so I would need someone to constantly be with me. So, before deciding on a hospital or a doctor, I conducted an extensive amount of research. I spoke to people I knew who had already had this surgery or knew someone who had. I spent days on the net, going through hospitals all over India, their doctors, their reviews, their costs everything. I encourage you guys to do your own research first, because I had my priorities and yours maybe different. There were 2 hospitals that I eventually narrowed it down to:

  1. Sankara Nethralaya

  2. Ojas Eye Hospital (watch my video to know exactly why I choose this eye hospital)

Costs and Types of Lasik

So there are basically 3 types of Lasik:

  1. Standard Lasik: This is a very old treatment and the surgery itself takes a long time (about 1-2 hours) and is done completely by the doctor so it’s completely manual and it also takes a long time to heal. (INR 55,000)
  2. Blade free Intralase ‘Femtosecond’ Lasik: This is a newer technology, it is computerized and takes care of the error in a matter of 10-15 minutes. This also doesn’t need a long time to heal. (INR 95,000)
  3. Custom Lasik:  This is similar to the above one, but is more advanced and the best procedure out there and it also took care of my astigmatism along with my hyperopia, so of course I went for this treatment. (INR 1,25,000)

Pre-Lasik tests

So even before you go for your actual Lasik Surgery, you have to for a basic consultation (Nov 21,2017). The pre-lasik consultation costs around INR 2,000 and it includes a bunch of tests all mentioned in the document here (page 14). Once I was done with these tests, I was considered as a good candidate for Lasik i.e. my reports in the pre-lasik tests looked good, my surgery was scheduled for the next day. I was given eyedrops to use the day before surgery.

My Report from Pre-Lasik tests

Things to do before Lasik Surgery

So there are few things you need to take care of before the surgery.

  1. Stop wearing contact lenses 3 weeks before the surgery, use only your glasses.
  2. Stop wearing eye makeup at least 2-3 weeks before the surgery and consultation.
  3. Use the eye drops (Zymaxid) given to you every 2 hours(or as prescribed). These are to sanitize your eyes and relax and soothe them before the surgery.
  4. Take a bath and wash your hair at least 24 hours before the surgery. Because, you wont be able to have a proper bath or wash your hair for the next 7 days (I couldn’t).
  5. Stay away from perfumes, deodorants and moisturizer before the surgery. You do not want any chemically smells near your eyes.
  6. Have a good night’s sleep and relax. Give your eyes as much rest as possible because they’re going to go through a lot the next day.
  7. Eat very well. Waiting for your surgery in anticipating, can burn a lot of your energy, so eat a good breakfast before the surgery and have lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  8. Have someone to drive you back from the surgery, you definitely would not be in position to travel alone or drive.
  9. Make sure you have someone with you for at least 48 hours after the surgery, you will not be in a position to cook or do any chores. And you need someone to keep a check on your post-surgery eyedrops (very important).
  10. Carry your own UV sunglasses if possible. The one’s you get from the hospital are transparent and I was very sensitive to light after the surgery, so my tinted UV sunglasses helped me a lot.

Actual surgery

Read pages 17-21 from here. They explain to you exactly what goes on in the surgery. Leave a comment down below if you need more information.

Post Surgery Care

After my surgery (Nov 22,2017), I went back home in a cab with my mom and I was just dozing off the whole time. They apply an anesthetic  in your eyes so you don’t feel much during the surgery. But, as the anaesthetic wears off,  your body starts realizing that it has gone through a surgery and everything inside starts panicking. And this is when it probably hurt me the most. It wasn’t much of like a physical pain, but a burning of some sort and it makes you want to scratch your eyes, like when you have a healing wound and it wants you to scratch it. So it is very very important to wear your sunglasses ALL THE TIME, even when you’re at home for at least 48 hours after the surgery.

Me.. the day after Surgery! 🙂

I was given 4 eye drops, and you need to use them every 3-4 hours each.

The eye drops that I was given:

1. Pred Forte (to heal eyes from the surgery) – every 3 hours for 30 days

2. Zymaxid (to heal eyes from the surgery) – every 6 hours for 7 days

3. Systane Ultra (for dryness of eyes) – every 4 hours for 3 months

4. Opsion HA (for dryness of eyes) – every 6 hours for 3 months

No eye-makeup for atleast 2 weeks (I stopped wearing eye-makeup for 3 weeks). No harsh chemicals near your eyes for a week. By day 7, my hair was disgusting and I badly needed a hairwash, so I just went to the Salon and got one there. I covered my face with a towel just to be careful or any water that might splash into my eye. I had bath as usual starting the 3rd day.. so I wasn’t as disgusting 😛

Other than that, you are free to travel (I travelled to Mount Abu a week after my surgery to attend my friend’s wedding) and resume work as usual. You can watch TV and use your phones and laptops, but just be a little careful and don’t over do it atleast for a week after the surgery. Use your eyedrops on time, they are very important!!

At my friend’s wedding! No makeup except some brows and lipstick 💄


with the GROOM!

There were 2 follow-ups after the surgery, one was the next day and the other was after a week. They just check your vision and that you have no error left in your eyes. They check that you’ve healed well and aren’t facing any problems. I had one more follow-up a little shy of the one month mark because I was travelling back to US and everything looked good! 🙂

My total expense for the eye-surgery (in INR)

Surgery: 1,25,000 + 1%(because I paid by card) = 1,26,250

Pre-Lasik tests and consultation: 2,000

Eye Drops: 2,500 (approx)

Other costs (cab fare, etc) : 2,350 (approx)

Total: INR 1,33,100 (approx USD 2072)

2.5 months after the surgery

I went back to work on Dec 18,2017. I was a little sensitive to light, but it wasn’t too bad. I could work on the laptop for 7-8 hours, but my eyes used to strain after 4-5 hours, but I slowly got used to it. I used my eye drops religiously, and my dryness in the eye has gotten better overtime. Everyday I acheive new milestones in terms of being able to see things clearly. Because I had astigmatism, my eyes took a little longer to heal than usual. I have no problems in driving, although I still try not to drive at night (just some fear in my head, I am sure I’ll get over it). I did not really wear a full face of make-up or even shoot my usual make-up videos for Youtube until Feb 4, 2018 just wanted to get comfortable and not sit for 6-7 hours in front of bright beauty lights.

IMG_7800 2

Today, I feel great, and I am really happy I went through this experience. It is an amazing feeling to not have to wear glasses or contact lenses to help me see better. After 20 years, I finally got rid of the error in my eyes and I can’t describe how awesome it feels!! I am sure people who wear contacts or glasses can perfectly sympathize with me. I hope this blog answered most of your questions and my experience really helped you get a close personal view of a Lasik surgery.

Please drop any questions or comments that you may have and I would be really happy to help you! Goodluck if you’re planning to get this surgery and let me know how it goes!!

Daily dose of Happiness…

  1. I went to watch a super cute and entertaining movie today.. called ‘Peter Rabbit’.
  2. Went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.. and oh man! I love the chicken wings here. We ordered Thai curry, Spicy Garlic and Parmesan garlic for sauces… they all were deliciousssss!!
  3. Had 2’s name I can’t remember but it was some fruity cocktail with peach schnapps.. honestly, it did not have the kick I was looking for. So my next drink was LIT.. and oohh.. 1 sip.. and I definitely got a kick! 😛

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