My Lasik Surgery Experience.. Part 1

Hello Folks,
Welcome back to my Blog! So this Blog is actually to share with you my experience of having a Lasik Eye Surgery.
Well before I begin, why don’t you go to my YouTube channel and check out my video on this experience. No hurries.. I’ll wait!

So in this video, I share (in brief) all the things that I learnt during my appointments, while researching online, talking to my doctor and of course my own personal experience.

So let’s begin from the very beginning….

Meet a 7-year-old ME! Yes, that’s when I first started wearing glasses 😦 I used to always get teased and bullied at school, people used to call me by all sorts of names and I used to come home crying every day. My mom used to always make me understand, that it’s ok.. it just means you’re different and people don’t like those who are different from them. So slowly, over the years I learnt how to deal with these people, I got bolder and my glasses weren’t even an issue anymore. I had been thinking of getting a Lasik for as long as I can remember. I guess I was like 12 or 13 years old when I first heard about this surgery, but Science wasn’t as developed back then and not many people actually got this surgery. So understandably, my parents were skeptical and I was skeptical so no one really gave it a thought. It was around this time, when during an eye check up we realized that my error number wasn’t just the regular number but I had astigmatism which is an error in some cylindrical angle of the eye (read here for more info).

Years went by, I finished school, college and started working. So now I wanted to look better and kinda wanted to ditch my glasses. So that’s when I started wearing contacts.  And my contact lenses were sh*t expensive. It was mostly due to my cylindrical axis error. In 2014, I moved to United States to pursue my master’s and this is when the condition of my eyes started to worsen. As a Computer Science master’s student, I literally had to sit in front of the laptop for more than 12 hours. Not all of these hours spent meant I was studying 😋, but since we were students laptop was our only source of entertainment and knowledge. So if I wasn’t studying, I was either watching a movie or binge watching videos on Youtube or something else. Here’s when my astigmatism started increasing and my vision without glasses got really bad.

Buying contact lenses in US is not as straightforward as it is in India. In India, you just go to an opticals store and the someone in that store will test your number and even prescribe you glasses/contacts. But here things are different. First off, not all insurance companies cover eyes under their benefits. And even if they do, the insurance premium is too high. Let me give you an instance. In June 2016, I planned on gettng contact lenses in US. So, I went to Walmart Vision Center, since I did not want to go to a clinic where getting appointments is sort of next to impossible. So, I took my Indian prescription with me and ofcourse, they did not accept that. So, I had to get my eyes tested from them first and only then I could buy contacts. Also, that prescription is only good for a year, so you need to repeat the whole thing every year. Now, I ofcourse did not have any insurance when I went to get my eyes tested, so I had to pay in full. The eye exam for contact lenses and regular glasses is different here (I don’t know why exactly) My Indian friends are probably wondering, aren’t they the same thing?? Well yeah, I thought that too.. but maybe things are different here, who knows! So at Walmart Vision Center, the price for a regular vision exam is $64 and for a contact lens exam is $118. Yes, that’s just the exam. Well you do get a trial pair of lenses for the contact lens exam, which if work perfect for you, the doctor will then finalize your prescription.

So, when I actually started to work, i got an eye Insurance, and bought contact lenses which cost me $165 for 6 months supply after 50% paid by insurance! That is a LOTTT! So I finally decided, its time to ditch these glasses and contacts, and just get done with it. And that’s when I decided to go in for a Lasik Eye Surgery!


Continue to Part 2 for more….

Daily Dose of Happiness..

  1. I made the best buffalo chicken today!!
  2. Best workout I have had in days.
  3. I made this awesome granola,dates,apricots bar.. it is to die for..let me know if you guys would like a recipe.

3 thoughts on “My Lasik Surgery Experience.. Part 1

  1. I’ve worn glasses since aged 8-9, I’m so used to them, I don’t think I could ever not wear them! Although I do have to get prescription goggles now as well as sunglasses so in that case LASIK is properly handy!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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    1. I know right… I was so skeptical before getting the surgery.. but I totally get you.. it’s such a habit.. even now sometimes when i don’t see something clearly.. I try to reach for my glasses.. haha


  2. That’s a lot of money! I don’t blame you for wanting to switch to getting Lasik surgery! My eyesight got worse after I had my son. I definitely need to go get my eyes rechecked. I have glasses but barely wear them. Lol. I need a better prescription. Xoxo –

    Liked by 1 person

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