Travelling with Make-up

Hey Guys,

I know how over-whelming and tricky packing you make-up for travelling can be. But, don’t you worry, I’ve got some tips and tricks for you today.

So let me start off with some of the Do’s and Don’t’s while travelling with make-up.
Do’s :
1. Always carry make-up items that are either travel-size or comparatively smaller in size.
2. It’s the perfect opportunity to use those samplers that you get at beauty stores.
3. When it comes to carrying palettes, always carry those that have the most number of products. For e.g. use those palettes  that not only have a selection of eye-shadows in them, but also have blush/bronzer/highlight in them.
4. Carry only those make-up brushes that are really really important and can be used for more than one purpose.(I’ll soon have a blogpost about my most used brushes).
5. Always carry make-up wipes instead of a make-up removing liquids (you wont need to carry separate cotton pads and a bottle for this  purpose)
6. Carry a BB cream if you want, most of the times it solves the purpose of a foundation and concealer both.

Don’ts :
1. Avoid carrying glass bottles for foundations or mists with you. And if you absolutely have to, a great way is to put your socks one inside the other and put your glass bottle in it. This way it will never break and even if it leaks, it’ll be inside the sock.
2. Don’t carry large bulky palettes with lots of eye shadows in’ll end up not using most of them, instead go for palettes that pack a lot in a small size. For e.g palettes that not only have your favourite shades of eyeshadows.. but also a shade of bronzer,blush and highlight.
3. Don’t carry your entire collection of lipstick with you.. because chances are you’ll use 1 or at the most 2 shades out of them. Carry 1 shade which is good for the day and 1 for going out at night.
4. Don’t go out and buy a big bag marked just for make-up. Go in your collection and break out an old-ish purse that you don’t use too often. That way you don’t spend money unnecessarily on bags and even if you spill make-up in the bag.. you don’t ruin a new one! GENIUS ​😎

Here is a video of me talking about all my make-up essentials for Travel! I would love it if you checked it out!

Details of Products mentioned in this video

⭕  Make-up Bag​  
So the bag I am using in this video is actually like a side bag that you could carry around to a restaurant. It’s made to hold your phone, keys, some cash and maybe some make-up. But don’t go on it’s tiny size, this bag can hold much more than you can think of. It has a nice chain sling to it, holds most of my make-up really well, doesn’t take up too much space and looks cute, 😍
⭕ BB Watergel by SilkyGirl
I am travelling with a BB cream because lets be honest, who wants to carry bottles of foundation and concealer and moisturizers and all that stuff!?? When I travel, I wanna travel light, and hence the BB cream. It works as my moisturizer and my foundation. Plus, it looks so natural and blends super well!
⭕ Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer
This is my HOLY GRAIL concealer, Love everything about it. First things first, the size is perfect for travel!! The wand on this thing is awesome, love the coverage and natural finish it leaves me with and blends perfectly with my BB cream!! WIN WIN!
⭕ Covergirl compact Powder
Talk about functional products. Well there are days when I would just slap this on my face with some brows and lipstick and go out! (When I wanted to be LAZY) It also comes with a mirror and trust me you realize the importance of small things like these when you’re travelling. Chances are, you wont have the best mirror and lighting when you’re out and about and the mirror in your products will be your saviour.. it has been mine! This compact powder is one of my favourites to set my concealer and BBcream when I am getting decked up for a dinner or a party on my trip.
⭕ Lakmé 9-5 eye shadow quad
This quad is so great! I love it! It has only 4 shades, but OMG that has been enough for me. I can make natural day time looks as well as a glam night time look with this quad, super versatile and super compact.
⭕ BH cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette
Now even though I carried this, I hardly used its eyeshadows. The only thing I used this palette was for highights, bronzers and the MIRROR!
⭕ Maybelline Master HiLight & Rimmel Natural Bronzer
The Bronzer in the Carli Bybel Palette can sometimes get too much, especially for Day Time since it has some glitter in it. So I like to travel with my Rimmel Natural bronzer which is a perfect bronzing shade for day time. Also, that Blush, best blush from Maybelline. It has these fine glitter particles (not chunky like in the BH Palette) that sometimes you can skip the highlight and your look is complete. The blush is the perfect Rosy Pink shade that goes with any look.
⭕ Covergirl Lipsticks
To tell you the truth, I HATED these lipsticks. The lipstick actually had 2 sides to it. So one side was your regular doe foot applicator and the other side was a lip balm-ish thing. So you first apply the liquid lipstick and then set it off with the lip balm thing. The feeling after this lipstick set was weird. It was sticky, gave off a weird taste and just did not feel great. To add to that, it was hella difficult to get this thing off! I tried everything from using a makeup remover, to a wipe, olive oil…. you name it! Finally I had to scrub hard to get it off, thus leaving me with chapped lips 😞
⭕ Revlon Ultimate ALL-In-One Mascara
This was a new Mascara that I was trying and it was ok. It began with me loving it… and then the graph just dropped. This mascara had really tiny bristles and was perfect for lower lashes. The formula was great, not too runny, not too thick. But after a few uses, it began to flake on me and it was just not pretty! But I would encourage you guys to experiment with products on trips, because who knows you might just find the right thing for you while you are exploring new places on Earth 🌏.
⭕ Loreal brow stylist definer
This is the perfect kinda brow product for me. My all time favourite is the Maybelline brow define… absolutely love that product. But like I said, I like to try on new stuff when I am travelling.. so I bought this guy. Same exact concept, except, the wax product stuff on this was soooo thin. It was probably half the thickness of my Maybelline brow define. This product makes it sooo sooo easy to fill in those gaps, draw on your brows and make them perfect!
⭕ Neutrogena HydroBoost Watergel
Again another Holy Grail product. Well I live in Northern America, like the most Northern part of America you can get… so things get pretty dry and cold here and I am devoid of moisture. So this does the perfect job of getting life back to my skin. I have raved and raved about this product for very long and rightly so. Now, obviously this is a little big to fit in my makeup bag/purse.. so this travelled separately in the bag.
⭕ ELF eyefresh
Where do I even begin?? I suffer from something called as LTSIFL(Like To Sleep In For Long) syndrome and as a result my under eyes get baggy. And who wants to show up at work with baggy under eyes??? Not Me! So this guy helps me combat that and gets rid of those morning bags from under my eyes.👀
⭕ Eyeliner
I am sort of moodly when it comes to eyeliners. Sometimes, I want my eyes to have their own moment so I like to line them with a bright eyeliner. Other times, maybe not so much, So i’ll just line them with a black or brown eyeliner. So, I like to travel with options. I travel with A liquid and a retractable eyeliner. If I am going to a hot sunny place, I know that liquid liner is not going to last on me and that’s where my other liners play their part. But, it’s just a matter of preference I guess.
⭕ Make-up Brushes
I am going to do a separate blog post on this. I’ll go through all the brushes I travel with as well as my favorite brushes. So be on the lookout for that!

So guys, that was all about how and why and what make-up I travel with. Make-up is so personal and fun and empowering, it means different to diffferent people and different people love different make-up. So your travel essentials might be different from mine, but I just wanted to give you a rough template sort of of what makeup items you should travel with!
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Let me know if you guys want a post/video about something specific I would be glad to do so!

Thank you.
Stay Gorgeous & Keep Inspiring! ​❤️

Daily Dose of Happiness!

  1. Today was a day of snow storm, so what did I do once I woke up? Dropped in an email to Work from Home! Yay!
  2. Edited my first video for 2018!! Planning to write a blog for it.. so make sure you check that out!
  3. Had some lovely chicken Ravioli for lunch! Yumm!
  4. Sat by the window the whole day working and editing and writing this blog.. it was truely gorgeous outside, but freezing!! And plus, I love my new leopard print snuggly jammies from Walmart.. just $3 in Clearance! Wohoo!



2 thoughts on “Travelling with Make-up

  1. This was such a good post full of useful tips for people who have a huge makeup collection and are going on holiday! I always struggle with what palettes to take as I never want my favourite ones to get broken/damaged but I don’t want to pass up their quality for one I don’t mind getting a bit battered!

    Jess xx


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