Welcome to Shrady’s Blog!

Hey Folks,

Thank you for being here! For those new to my space, My name is Shraddha but if you can’t pronounce my name, you can call me Shrady! 🙂

I am not a Grrreat writer so if you find some mistakes, please cut me some slack! If you aren’t too familiar with with me, don’t worry.. through my blogs you’ll get to know me a little each day! Thank you for being a part of my journey and if I don’t say it enough, please understand that I really do appreciate it!

I have a beauty channel on Youtube so if you’re interested I would really encourage you guys to check it out! I make cool videos and share great beauty tips!

Here’s a link to my channel.. before you read more.. check it out.. I’ll wait! My Youtube Space!

So, I hope you’ve checked my channel out by now and watched a video or 2. Through this blog I want to share with you more than I can say on my videos, so everytime I post a new video, I’ll share even more stuff here! so be sure you’re subscribed to both, my channel and my blog.. because there’s a lot of fun stuff to come!

P.S. Don’t miss my ‘Daily Dose of Happiness’ posted with every blog!